Musical Journalism is the Silliest Waste of Time you can Imagine

The digital landscape is a huge vox populi machine that is supposed to leave room for millions of voices — but in fact it’s simply a fully automated regurgitation system that spews out easily flushable drivel. The spectator settles in one small corner of a vast structure and he or she waits for a bunch of faceless charlatans to send out brightly coloured fragments for brief diversionary amusement… Here’s some tips for 2017 Music Journalists Read More

9 Tips to Make Your Review Sparkle

Reviews should, of course, be written without malice. But to review a piece of work effectively, the Rock Journalist should aim for clarity, conviction and — most importantly — honesty Here are 9 tips to help make your opinion sparkle with clarity, conviction and honesty * Establish your knowledge of the artist by briefly describing… Read More

The 5 Worst Things About Covering a Gig

The 5 Worst Things About Covering a Gig “You go to free concerts and meet all the stars …” They say, “You get your drinks free and you are invited to the after-show party… you wear a fancy laminate and you get to go back-stage … yadda yadda yadda …” Yes, we get it. Being… Read More

Rock Journalist — Job Description

Rock Pen / Rock Journalist A Job Description Rock Pens are music journalists who report rock music news to a blog, fanzine, printed or digital publication or other media … Rock Pens are also called upon to interview rock musicians, review albums [and other works] and to attend and report from concerts and gigs. They… Read More

Criticism in Review

Eight ways to explore work critically, without being too negative Read More