9 Tips to Make Your Review Sparkle

Reviews should, of course, be written without malice. But to review a piece of work effectively, the Rock Journalist should aim for clarity, conviction and — most importantly — honesty Here are 9 tips to help make your opinion sparkle with clarity, conviction and honesty * Establish your knowledge of the artist by briefly describing… Read More

How to Get your Blog Readers Beyond the First 100 Words

Let’s face it: Half your blog readers do not get beyond the first 100 words Incidentally, that’s why you should focus on creating fresh content using inspiring and provocative writing. It’s why you should never resort to cut-n-paste appropriation. Word-poaching is not only a violation of copyright — it also undermines and debilitates the entire… Read More

Your Role at Concerts — The Committed Observer

How do you create a great new-story from a gig or a concert? A music journalist uses their verification capabilities and their storytelling art to make a gig-report newsworthy. A good show review is not written merely to inform readers, it also adds value to the concert itself… Here are some tips to help your report stand out from the rest … Read More

Welcome to ROCK PEN — The Site for Music Writers & Rock Journalists

Most rock journalism is [by] people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read… Is this our cultural destiny? Read More