No Future? Is Seventeen the End of the Rock Zine?

Here’s a potted history of fanzines and e-zines… a discussion about the pros and cons… thoughts about what happens next… and some essential tips for running a successful Music Zine in 2017… Read More

Musical Journalism is the Silliest Waste of Time you can Imagine

The digital landscape is a huge vox populi machine that is supposed to leave room for millions of voices — but in fact it’s simply a fully automated regurgitation system that spews out easily flushable drivel. The spectator settles in one small corner of a vast structure and he or she waits for a bunch of faceless charlatans to send out brightly coloured fragments for brief diversionary amusement… Here’s some tips for 2017 Music Journalists Read More

Reporting from Your Natural Viewpoint

If you aim to contribute lots of exciting features to your blogs and journals, do not forget that your own personal experience and natural perspective is priceless. What Facebook Groups do you belong to? What’s happening on those groups? What music do they think is going ‘up’ and coming ‘down’ in the music scene? Gossip… Read More