Criticism in Review


We hate criticizing someone we love …

I admit that I especially hate to criticize the work of artists. I know how difficult it is for them to write and record. They give blood & sweat for their art…

Then we come along and dash their hopes …

But, you [and they] must remember that  we are required to be judgemental … we are expected to criticize.

We must… Why? Because, as Aristotle once said, “The best judge of a feast is the guest… Not the cook.”

And, in this context, I don’t want you to think of ‘critiscim‘ as finding defects, exposing inadequacies, indicating errors, nitpicking and pettifogging.

No, what I mean by ‘criticism‘ here is that we should discuss the work and explore it properly…  to ascertain if it is challenging & interesting, useful & fun.

Also, I think we have an important duty   — as rock writers — we need to ask one vital question:  “Does it work?

How often do we criticize the work of the artists we love? Not nearly enough — if you’re honest about it. And that is why Consequence Of Sound, Stereogum , The Line Of Best Fit and Drowned In Sound [and others] are so well respected. Because they offer their readership informed criticism.

So here are eight ways to explore work critically, without being too negative:

Chemicals of Democracy
Chemicals of Democracy

* Was the recording or performance worth spending your time & money on?
* What kind of people will like it? Why?
* Did it bring you pleasure? If so, describe how it did. If not — why not?
* How does it compare with other contemporary work in the same genre?
* If the artist claims influences or inspiration from others, what is the main difference between their work and the work of their heroes?
* What do you think the artist set out to achieve when they began the project? Having established that, try to speculate if they achieved their ambition
* Is the music or the artist’s approach innovative? Or do you think it is unoriginal? Explain why
* Finally, what was your immediate reaction to the sounds? Were you excited or disappointed? Euphoric or bored? Explore your feelings and try to put them into words

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Words & Images @neilmach 2016 ©
Neil Mach is editor of RAW RAMP MAGAZINE
Member of the European News Agency, Music Industry Forum, Music Industry Network and regular blogger and contributor to several sites

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