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The forthright Mother of Invention Frank Zappa once declared that —

Most rock journalism is […] people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read…

We would like to strongly challenge that belief wouldn’t we?

But let’s face it : Since Frankie uttered those opinions — things have only been getting worse

These days readers cannot stay focused, writers don’t use punctuation or grammar and musicians have nothing interesting to say —

* Most people online don’t read to the end of the page
* Nearly 40% of people bounce off the page without reading it
* People tweet out links for articles they haven’t even read
* People make comments on stories they haven’t even finished
* Only half of all readers will get beyond the first 100 words
* Only 25% of readers make it to the end of any story

[info from Chartbeat]

Is this is our cultural destiny?
Do we give up now?
Or are we ready to write strong & emotional pieces again ?

If you are interested in creating refined & exciting music criticism — and reportage that is so juicy that readers will not give up on it — Read on:

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